Fixing a plumbing issue as an amateur is like walking into a maze of fine china blindfolded. The underworld of plumbing is vast and takes years of experience to master. Watching a YouTube video and then tackling a water heater issue or a leaky faucet may lead to more problems than solutions. The biggest fear when attempting to remedy a negative plumbing situation is that one small tweak can create five new problems. Plumbing systems are intricate and unforgiving. One small problem may have severe repercussions.

Many Chandler homeowner have a go at a plumbing problem because they think it’ll be cheaper than hiring a plumber, the issue is minor, and there’s a wealth of DIY information online. Take a note from the many that have failed and take the safe road by calling a seasoned professional. Fixing a problem by oneself is cheaper, but not if they create a bigger issue while attempting to fix the plumbing. People think that a plumbing issue is easy to fix due to their facile understanding of plumbing systems. And lastly, the DIY videos that have become so popular are often created by people who aren’t professionals themselves, so while their advice may have worked for them, it may not work for you as well. Here are a few plumbing projects that you should never undertake without the guidance of a professional plumber.

Chandler’s Petulant Water Heaters

Do you have a running bet with your spouse as to whether you’ll be able to take a warm shower when you wake up? Not having warm water to bathe in can put a serious damper on how Chandler residents start their days. The issue most likely lies within your water heater. Water heaters are expensive devices that often use gas to generate warmth. The costliness of these heaters plus the added danger of meddling with gas lines should throw up a red flag. If you value the money in your pocket and the hand you put in them, keep your hands away from the gas water heater and call your local plumber.

Toilet Repair in Chandler, AZ

There may be no issue more pressing than a toilet repair. Considering the toilet is used more than any other plumbing associated device in the home, it’s of the utmost importance that it’s functioning properly. If the plunger doesn’t seem to be doing its job, the next step is to call an expert. Toilet repair isn’t an area of DIY that should be taken lightly. Waste shouldn’t linger in a bathroom for more than a couple hours. If after a plunge, a toilet still refuses to flush, the culprit may be busted pipes or deep clogs within pipes. A botched DIY toilet repair might just be the worst plumbing issue that one can face.

Internal Leak

Fixing a faucet is leaky faucet is one thing, but figuring out why pipes are leaking is another. If the problem can’t isn’t easily accessible you should leave the job for a plumber. Pipes are part of a complex sinuous network that seemingly never ends. Even if you can detect the problem duct tape is never the answer. While you may think you’re fixing one pipe, you may be damaging another.

Dishwasher Installation

A refrigerator is a kitchen appliance that can be installed with ease. A dishwasher is a far more complex machine that requires connecting to the plumbing. Water and drainage lines must be run through the interior or the house to the dishwasher. This is no Sunday home-improvement project; this is one for the experts.

Clogged Drains

Drains that don’t fulfill their purpose can be an apparent and annoying matter that affect Chandler residents on a daily basis. Some drains are merely clogged by a buildup of hair near the top of the drain. In these situations it’s probably safe to collect the clump of hair and dispose of it. However, the problem is not always so easily solved. Do not go out and purchase professional plumbing equipment for the sole purpose of attempting to unclog your drain. Shoving a plumbing snake or chemicals down your drains may only cause more trouble for you. Ideally all clogged drains are caused by hair, but sadly the truth is that the problem can be much more troublesome. Grease, a buildup of materials, or inherent problems within plumbing system may all to be blamed for a clogged drain. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t see or easily reach the obstructing object with your hand you should call a Chandler plumber.

Don’t try to save a few bucks and be a DIY hero. Make the sensible choice and call Scottsdale Plumbing at (480) 945-9583.