Scottsdale Plumbing has been picking apart the bowels of plumbing systems for over 65 years. The company has been able to boast such longevity due to its high-quality service and adoption of new ideas. What was initially only a plumbing company added a parts and showroom to their headquarters based in Scottsdale. That addition along with its 24/7 emergency service has made it the premier plumbing company in the greater Phoenix area. However, the strides that Scottsdale Plumbing has made are only the most recent additions to plumbing popular plumbing services. The profession has a rich and pivotal history that has played a significant role in shaping civilizations across the globe.

Origin of Plumbing

A number of historians agree that the first known signs of plumbing date back to approximately 2600 BC. It’s in one of the oldest civilizations known to man –The Indus Valley Civilization- that plumbing writes itself into history books. The ruins of the civilization have been preserved and show even today that the people of the Indus Valley had wells and bathing areas that were connected via a series of drains. Bathrooms even had septic tanks that are in fact similar to the one’s of modern day. There’s no doubt that the plumbing systems of the Indus are extraordinarily different than ours, however there is no denying that the fundamental mechanics are the same.

A Sewage System for the Dead

It’s laughable to suggest that the deceased require a bathroom and shower to go about their business, however in ancient Egypt this was a matter of eternal importance. Circa 2500 BC the Egyptians created copper pipes in order to service the needs of the dead. The Egyptians showered the dead with money, food, clothing, and other mundane necessities. Some of the needs they didn’t overlook included the dead’s inevitable desire to clean and relieve themselves. Bathrooms as well as showers were installed so that the dead could journey to the afterlife as any respectable dead person should.

The Waste-Related Brilliance of the Romans

A technological advancement from bygone times can’t be discussed without broaching the precocious achievements of the Romans. The first prototype waste systems of the Romans were implemented between 800-735 BC. The sewage system was gradually made more adept at washing away sewage and soon could be found pushing sewage throughout the city and into the Tiber River. Rome’s eleven aqueducts were one of the first of their kind and were charged with the task of providing water the city’s residents. After acting as drinking, bathing, and cleaning water, the gallons carries in by aqueducts were used to collectively flush the city of waste.

The Contemporary Toilet

Skip ahead to 1775 and you’ll find that the prototype of the modern toilet is just being completed by the Scottish inventor Alexander Cummings. Unlike toilets that came before this one, the Scotsman’s had a bowl and a trap which allowed water to stay in the bowl instead of sliding through. This resulted in a more sanitary and fragrantly appealing bathroom experience.

The Modern Day Phoenix Plumbing Experience

Compared to the methods of old, Phoenix’s modern plumbing has taken monumental strides to set it apart from its less than efficient past. Nowadays bathrooms found in the home are to be considered clean places where one can purge themselves of waste without having to seriously worry about getting an infection or other unseemly illness. Here are some of the most beneficial modern advancements as of late.

Water Heaters

Within every American home you’re likely to find either a gas or eclectic water heater. These heaters are responsible for giving those who are cleaning dishes or taking showers quick and easy access to hot water whenever they would like. The days of waiting minutes for water to heat up are long gone. The first gas water heater was invented in 1889 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but wasn’t widely adopted throughout the US until the early to mid 20th century.

Leak Detection

With pipes now being run all around one’s home water finds itself travelling in often dark and unseen places. If a hidden pipe should begin leaking, mold and possibly destruction may occur later down the line. Leak detection technology has given plumbers the ability to save families hundreds if not thousands of dollars on home reconstruction. If a leak is suspected, residents are expected to call a Phoenix plumber immediately as mold doesn’t take long to spread and cause damage.

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