We take for granted a number of systems without any inkling of how they function. Many of us would need to consult Google when asked how a TV works or how a plumbing system operates. To understand these complex systems is to have an appreciation of how they operate. Being able to comprehend intricate systems such as plumbing will also illuminate other aspects of life that we weren’t aware of before. You don’t need to go through a copious amount of training in order to understand the basic of plumbing. Here’s a simple primer on how your plumbing system functions.

Gilbert’s Water Circulation

Plumbing wouldn’t be plumbing if it didn’t involve an outside water source pumping water in and out of your home. A standard water supply system will take water provided by the water company and pump it through your home. Water must be pressurized to as to pump it against gravity and deliver it to every room in the house, no matter which level. When water comes into the house it registers on a water meter that keeps track of how much water any one household is using. The devices used to bring water into the home consist of a number of pipes, fittings, valves, and faucets.

Drainage System

Unlike how water is pulled into the home, drainage system mostly rely on gravity to get water and waste out of the home. The waste that leaves homes based in Gilbert are connected to a sewer line that slowly carries fluid to the closest sewage treatment center or septic tank. Drainpipes are also aided by the help of vents, traps, and clean outs. Traps allow for used water to drain out will not allowing old water to creep back up the piping. Vents also allow air to enter pipes so that waste is more easily carried out of the home. To be clear, the drainage system and the supply system in no way overlap. To do so would create chaos and a fairly messy situation for all on hand.

Kitchen Plumbing System

A leaky faucet has no doubt brought you to the web in search of a quick fix. However, as you’ve figured out, leaky faucet repair is more of a nuanced problem than you imagined. Hot and cold water lines are both hooked up to the sink. A waste line is also connected to the sink to allow for used water and waste to flow out of the home. Gas kitchens are also hooked up to a gas supply pipe. The sink’s plumbing is generally connected with the dishwasher or any other major kitchen appliance that uses water.

Hot Water Heaters Repairs in Gilbert, AZ

Before hot water can pass through a showerhead, faucet, or washing machine it must first be warmed up. All water enters a home cold but can be warmed up through the use of a gas or electric water heater. Gas water heaters for instance use a burner to heat water that’s has been filled up in a water tank. The burner is placed at the bottom of the tank and hot air is slowly carried up through the tank via a coil. This coil is designed to slow the rise of hot air in order to more efficiently heat the entire tank of water.

Drain Cleaning Services

One of the most common issues that people are faced with is dealing with clogged drains and pipes. Since drains are everywhere there are plenty of opportunities for one to get clogged once and a while. The most common culprit is an accumulation of hair, but grease, debris, unnatural materials, and other things may also lead to clogged drains. While it may be tempting to stick an object down a drain or take apart plumbing, the most sensible thing one can do is to call professional plumbers. Even pouring chemicals down a drain in the attempt to clean it may cause irrevocable damage to piping.

Leak Detection in Gilbert, AZ

Even though you may now know a bit about how your home plumbing system works you still may struggle to fix nagging problems such as a leaking pipe. If undetected leaking pipes can lead to pooling or water and a degradation of your home’s structural integrity. Water that has been left to pool is most likely doing so in an already damp place that has little to no ventilation. Such an unfortunate combination can easily lead to the development of mold which can pose health risks as well as eat away at your Gilbert-based home.

Despite your nascent knowledge of plumbing, should an issue arise you should still leave it to the pros. Prodding and taking apart a plumbing system can do more damage than good.