Drain Cleaning

Why Scottdale Plumbing?

We’re sure you have heard about Scottsdale Plumbing before. Established in the year 1946, we are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Apart from that our company is associated with the Plumbing and Heating-Cooling Contractors Association. Among other plumbing repair and replacement service, we also specialize in drain cleaning. If drain cleaning is an issue you are facing right now, you don’t need to search for the perfect plumbing contractor. Just give us a call.

Clogged Drain & Sewer Cleaning

If you are having problems with a clogged drain or sewer, then Scottsdale Plumbing is the answer you’ve been looking for. Our skilled staff of technicians can take care of all types of clogs and drain issues. If your sewer lines need to be repaired or replaced, our staff can help. We also handle the maintenance of your sewer and drainage pipes so you can stop problems before they even begin.

Scottsdale Plumbing has a full staff of skilled plumbers ready to fix residential and commercial drainage problems. Homeowners and business owners continue to turn to us for all their plumbing needs. We have also helped many satisfied customers with clogged sewer cleaning. That type of job might seem like a tall task for people to do by themselves, but it is merely a routine procedure for the experts at Scottsdale Plumbing.

Scottsdale Plumbing Can Help With Your Persistent Clogs

Some clogs are able to be handled at home, but some are more serious and demand the attention of a licensed plumber. If you find yourself unable to clear a clog, put the job in the hands of the professionals. On your own, you could potentially cause permanent damage to a fixture or pipe. With Scottsdale Plumbing, we’ll make sure that your clog is cleared safely and quickly.

Residents often encounter clogs in kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. At one time or another, it is common for all homes to have some type of clog within their plumbing system. When that does happen, there is an alternative to having to find a solution on your own.

The Scottsdale area’s most trusted name in plumbing is here to help you with great rates and timely service. We also service the surrounding areas, such as Phoenix, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Chandler, East Valley, Gilbert, Mesa and more.

Drainage problems can occur in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, toilets, main drains, outside drains and in roof stacks. That makes drain cleaning a messy ordeal. One quick call to Scottsdale Plumbing can relieve you of that mess, no matter where it is located. Our team will respond quickly and make you glad you decided to go with the area’s very best in plumbing.

Did you know?

  • Liquid drain cleaners can actually cause more damage to your plumbing system: The harsh chemicals found in most cleaners can eat away at pipes – causing a plumbing nightmare. In addition, most liquid plumbers can’t clear solids and may only make more room for additional buildup.
  • When an object (toys, jewelry, etc.) goes down a drain, DO NOT use the fixture until a plumber arrives to prevent further problems.
  • When using a fixture, if water or sewage backs up to another fixture, a mainline stoppage has occurred. *If you do not have access to clean-outs, please inform the dispatcher when scheduling your service.