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Emergency plumbing issues in Scottsdale aren’t the same as plumbing emergencies back east. While we do experience things like burst pipes, they aren’t as common as they are back east due to the heat.

Regardless of where you live, plumbing is a crucial part of our everyday lives. It’s also an inevitable reality that plumbing will at some point have problems that will need to be addressed, including emergency plumbing Phoenix issues.

Here are a few top emergency plumbing issues in Scottsdale:

No Hot Water

Have you ever been in the middle of taking a shower, lathered up, and all of a sudden, the water is ice cold? Not a fun experience! In this case, you probably have a water heater problem, but it could also be a plumbing link, electrical issue or even a problem with the utility company. A professional will have the emergency plumbing Phoenix experience necessary to determine the problem.

Broken Water Lines

Tree roots or poorly aimed shovels can result in underground water line breakage, causing poor water quality, low water pressure, soggy and flooded areas in the yard.

The best way to prevent costly emergency plumbing Phoenix repairs is to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Because numerous issues with pipes can creep up on you, a comprehensive inspection is the best way to catch small problems before they become major ones. Unknown leaks below your water heater and sink drains can be more than just an annoyance. Eventually, they can result in structural damage.

Emergency Plumbing Scottsdale

Don’t let leaks or emergencies get out of control. At Scottsdale Plumbing, we handle emergencies 24 hours a day. Contact us today, and we’ll take care of your emergency plumbing Phoenix issues.




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