Pipe leaks in a plumbing system can result in numerous plumbing issues that become worse over time. The excessive moisture a leak can cause may end up creating pockets of bacteria and mold that eventually spreads throughout the home if the problem isn’t addressed in a timely manner. This mold and bacteria can cause major health concerns for anyone living in the home. In addition to that, a leak can cause wood rot and result in costly damage. Here are the top causes of pipe leaks and fixes to consider.


Pinhole leaks are one of the most common plumbing issues, and there isn’t a lot of things homeowners can do to stop them from developing in copper pipes. The most common cause of pinhole leaks is the interaction between chemicals in the water that eventually causes corrosion along the pipes.

Material might be degrading

When pipes leak, it could also be caused by material degrading. Single-piece, plastic angle stops can frequently crack or wear out, resulting in leaks that cause damage. Consider having your stops replaced with stainless steel.

If your pipes leak, your insurance company may decide they won’t pay to fix the damage. Have your system evaluated for repair by professionals. Contact us today.

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