It’s not just the air conditioning that you should care about if you live in Arizona. The hot weather can also cause learn-the-truth-about-phoenix-plumbingPhoenix plumbing problems that range from easy to difficult.

There is no denying the fact that plumbing plays an important part in our daily lives, yet most homeowner’s put maintaining it at the bottom of their Things to Do list. To avoid big repair bills down the road, make maintaining your plumbing a top priority. Here are some of the most common Phoenix plumbing problems.

Hard Water

Hard water is loaded with minerals including magnesium and calcium, and is the cause of a lot of Phoenix plumbing problems. These minerals leave deposits in household pipes. Once the deposits attach to something, they’re extremely difficult to remove. Any household equipment that uses water, including the water heater, faucets, shower heads, toilets, washing machines and even your ice and coffee maker can be affected by hard water deposits. Unfortunately, the signs of hard water issues take time to present themselves, starting with a decrease in water pressure. Eventually, the deposits can cause holes in pipes, usually going unnoticed until it’s too late because they’re typically within the walls. The to avoid hard water problems, it’s recommended that homeowners have their plumbing inspected at least once a year.

Arizona Water Usage

Averting water shortage problems is an issue that Arizonans face and we understand that conserving it is essential to desert life. Our state is addressing water usage problems and is implementing water management strategies to ensure efficient water supplies. Conserving water also saves energy, meaning lower energy bills. What you may not know is that water heaters account for approximately 1/4 of the energy usage in your home and is the third largest energy expense. A professional plumbing service can provide tips on how to cut water heating bills like turning down the thermostat, how to use less hot water or, if necessary, can recommend a more efficient, energy-saving water heater.

The truth about Phoenix plumbing is that the problems mentioned here don’t need to be that bad if you put the right measures in place and have a reliable company to depend on. Call Scottsdale Plumbing when you need Phoenix plumbing services.

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