plumbingIt’s not unusual for plumbing to make noises. However, some sounds signal more to be concerned about than others and can be signs of problems that can become devastating if they aren’t addressed immediately. Following are few of the most common plumbing noises and signals that you should be aware of.

Grumbling Noises Coming from the Water Heater

Grumbling sounds from the water heater can mean sediment build up. With time, minerals like calcium can end up piling up at the bottom of the heater. This traps the water and causes it to boil and create steam bubbles. The mineral build-up ends up forcing the heater to use more energy and gas, and be less efficient, which results in high energy bills. The best way to resolve this is to have a professional plumber flush out the water heater.

Hissing Sounds Coming from the Faucet

A noisy, hissing faucet can be caused by a washer that is not securely held to the stem or is the wrong size. The hissing sound could also be due to excessive water pressure, which could be the result of your city’s water pressure levels. In this case, you might want to give them a call before you try to address the problem. If you have a new home, it could be that the pipes that are too small for the water to pass through effectively.

Banging in the Pipes

If you turn your faucet on and off and hear a noisy banging or thudding sound, it could be the result of loose pipes or a water hammer problem. These are problems that you should have a plumber fix because of the complexity of the repairs.

Plumbing Signals

A good example of a plumbing signal is if your toilet water is constantly running. You may have a leak. Another great example would be the sound of banging pipes when you turn the water on and could be a signal that a pipe is loose. If the pipes are firmly in place, it could be the water hammer issue mentioned above.

When to Hire an Expert

Recognizing when to hire a plumber will save you money in the long run. You should hire an expert plumber when the problem you’re facing is extensive and calls for expertise to resolve. Trying to do complicated plumbing fixes on your own will do more harm than good. You’ll also want to hire a plumbing expert with experience in residential and commercial plumbing, depending on your situation.

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